Please read the Acceptable Use Guidelines before registering as a student. 


ACCEPTABLE USE GUIDELINES- Please read before registering!
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  • This is an English language forum. HSE Press reserves the right to remove any non-English posts.
  • You are able to view the forums as a guest, however, you must register on HSE Press Forum before you are able to post.
  • Users may only use one account. You may not create multiple accounts for a single person. Unique email addresses are required for each account.
  • Don’t cross post. Do not post the same topic in more than one forum. If you feel that your thread needs to be moved, please send a message to the moderators.
  • Please keep your language family friendly. Inappropriate/unprofessional language is not permitted. HSE Press reserves the right to remove any post or discussion that contains such language.
  • Respect yourself and others. Think before you post. If someone is bothering you, report the comments to the moderators. Do not respond directly to the person bothering you.
  • Please keep personal information private. Do not share personal identifying information in the threads. All posts are easily found using search engines. If HSE Press Moderators/Administrators find a post containing personal information it may be edited or deleted. HSE Press is not liable for any personal identifying information that is posted.
  • Please search the forums for your topic before posting a new comment. You may find that someone has already answered your question.
  • All posted discussions must be of a professional nature and must relate to health, safety, and/or the environment. HSE Press reserves the right to determine whether a discussion is appropriate or not. HSE also reserves the right to remove any discussion that is deemed inappropriate.
  • All material posted to the forum must be original, or properly cited.
  • Private messages must comply with the Acceptable Use Guidelines.
  • Posts that break the law or encourage illegal activity are not permitted.
  • HSE Press is not responsible for the content of the messages posted by users. If you find a post that is disrespectful, disruptive, or off topic, please use the “Flag Post” button. Moderators will deal with reported posts based on the information available to them.
  • HSE Press reserves the right to modify the forum at any time with or without notice, including the right to terminate the forum, at any time for any reason. HSE Press reserves the right to edit or remove any content that is determined to violate these terms or prohibit/ban any member that violates these terms or for any reasonable cause.
  • HSE Press has a no spam policy. Spammers may be warned or banned at the discretion of HSE Press.
  • Users are not permitted to advertise or solicit other users for any purposes.
  • Moderators actively monitor the forum but we cannot be online 24 hours a day.
  • All decisions made by HSE Press moderators are final. If you would like to talk to a moderator, please email
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